The Schapenberg Sir Lowry’s Conservancy offers guided Biodiversity and Wine Walks (Walks for Wine) in the Helderberg basin on the Schapenberg Hills in the Somerset West, Sir Lowry’s Pass vicinity. 

THE AIM OF WALKS FOR WINE – to raise funds to restore and preserve the land within the Conservancy identified by the City as Biodiversity corridors including about 5 km along the banks of the Sir Lowry’s Pass River. Much of the area was ravaged by the recent devastating fires in February 2009 and January 2017.

The walks follow biodiversity corridors and are guided to educate as to the importance of the corridors. Wine tasting will be offered at 5 wineries. Monies from the walks will go towards restoring and preserving the endangered land within the Conservancy identified by the City as Critical Irreplaceable Biodiversity areas. 

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Participating in the project are 5 wine farms – Waterkloof, Onderkloof, Journey’s End, Wedderwill, and Da Capo and other landowners – such as Highberry, Myrtle Grove and Ravensberg over whose properties the walks traverse. 

Waterkloof restaurant will be available for walk participants. Picnics will be offered. There is a choice of guest house accommodation in the area.

Green Flag Status – Walks for Wine have been awarded green flag status, meaning the walks have acquired high accreditation by the Hiking Organisation of South Africa (HOSA).

Slackpacking – a guide to South Africa’s top leisure trails, by Fiona McIntosh has included Walks for Wine in its latest edition.

The project has been endorsed by the Biodiversity and Wine initiative’s Inga Kotze, Pat Holmes of the City of Cape Town, Barbara Court of the Sir Lowry’s Pass Tourism Initiative, Dave McDonald of the Helderberg Conservation Forum and Cape Town Tourism who will all give practical support.

Funding/ Sponsorship is sought to assist in the early phase of the project until the initiative is self funding. Money is required for advertising, training of guides and to assist land owners clear burnt and alien infected natural areas.